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British Food Recipes
Lancashire hot pot - from the north of England this easy to make stew is a favourite.
Bacon Cakes
Bacon Cakes
Children love these tasty bacon and cheese flavoured cakes, which are spiced with tomato ketchup and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Serve them piping hot as a welcoming supper dish on a chilly winter's evening.

Steak And Kidney Pie picture
Steak and Kidney Pie
Crisp and light shortcrust pastry tops a mixture of richly flavoured meats in this all-time classic winter dish.

Dorset Jugged Steak picture
Dorset Jugged Steak
Jugging is a method of slow cooking which retains all the flavours of the meat while mingling them with those of the other ingredients.
strawberry shortcake picture
Strawberry Shortcake
What could be more summery than fresh strawberries and cream sandwiched between crisp golden buttery shortcake? It is perfect eaten outdoors under a hot shimmering sun, but very good, too, any time of the year.

Maids of Honour
Maids of Honour
These delicious tartlets are reputed to have been invented by a baker in Richmond, conveniently near Henry VIII's palace. The king was very fond of them and tradition has it that the cakes are named after the ladies-in-waiting who carried them back to the palace.

cream of lemon soup
Soup Recipes
Delicious homemade soup is welcome any time, ladled from a tureen as a heart-warming first course on a cold winter's evening, or served chilled from a bowl nestling in chipped ice as a refreshing start to a sophisticated summer meal.
Dairy ice cream
Nothing can beat the rich fresh taste of real homemade dairy ice cream. Whether yon make the creamy vanilla version, or the variations flavoured with luscious strawberry puree, fragrant coffee essence or tempting plain dark chocolate, these delicious treats will be the very best ice cream you have ever tasted.